A Beautiful Gift of Ordinariate Altar Cards

One of the members of our group has donated three beautiful Ordinariate Altar Cards to OMFA in anticipation of the day we will be able to conduct our first Ordinariate Mass. These three cards are shown in the photo below. The Central Card is the largest of the three while the Lavabo and the Last Gospel Cards are of equal size. Explanations of the beautiful artwork included with each card may be found on the New Liturgical Movement website.

The Central Card displays the main prayers of the mass beginning with the Gloria through the Consecration of the Bread and Wine to the Prayer of Humble Access. The Lavabo Card displays the Prayer of Thanksgiving as well as Psalm 26 beginning with verse 6, “I will wash my hands” (in Latin “Lavabo in innocentia”) from which the card gets its name. The Last Gospel Card displays the Prologue from the Gospel of John. The main purpose of these cards is to serve as memory aids to the priest as he chants or says the words of the liturgy while he simultaneously performs the various actions of the mass.

The Central (top), Levabo (left), and Last Gospel (right) cards donated to OMFA by a generous member.

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